Here’s the Question
Do You Want to be LEADER or a MANAGER?

If You Can Do One, You Can Do Both

Growth Accelerators is a highly practical leadership and management program designed to elevate your business performance while reducing employee turnover.   The program was designed for CEO’s, first, second, third and fourth-line managers and management candidates in any industry or discipline. Jack Finnell’s military background and achievements at two Fortune 500 companies and years of building two successful tech start-ups he later sold to publicly traded companies have given him the experience and knowledge to help professionals vault their performance to superior levels. Upon successful completion of the 4-6 sessions and assignments, you’ll receive a graduate certification and plaque.


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Key Elements of Growth Accelerators Development Course

  • Why Be A Manager or a Leader?

  • What Do Managers Do and Why Do We Need Them?

  • The Management Functions: What Are They?

  • Is There Overlap? Why Should We Master Both…and Can We?

  • What Tasks & Activities Will Help Good Managers Become Better Motivators?

  • What Tasks & Activities Will Help Good Leaders Become Better Managers?

  • Why Do Natural Leaders Often Blow It in Management and How Can We Fix That?

  • The 5-Step Formula for Superior Management Performance

  • The Definition of Workplace Strength from Gallup

  • How Do I Stay Current on Management Skills & Functions?

  • Employee Separation

  • The Business Planning Module That Anyone Can Use Immediately to Spike the Numbers

Jack Finnell

Growth Accelerators Founder and the Author of

More About the Growth Accelerators Program

  • Choose Your Emphasis

    Accountability, communication, goals, negotiations, problem solving, forecasting, SWOTs, recruiting, and more.

  • Meeting Times

    Most meetings take about 90 minutes with Jack one on one.  You’ll also have to complete a few projects to graduate.

  • Remote Training Available

    Training can be conducted outside of southern California live or via Zoom.

What People are Saying about Growth Accelerators

“Jack makes it clear that leadership and management excellence is all about two things:  Spike the numbers and curtail key employee turnover.   As a CEO, do I find his many lessons helpful? Yup”

Joel HackettPresident QDOXS

“Jack helps leaders become more effective managers.  Great personal stories here.  I highly recommend”

Monica Lee CopelandChief Development & Marketing Officer - Cerritos College Foundation

“With Jack Finnell’s knowledge, experience, intensity, and passion, it’s easy to understand why people stop to pay attention to what he has to say. As a result of executing on his insight, I’ve been able to dramatically increase revenue and improve effectiveness of my team”

Michael JakmakjianTechnology Sales Executive

Jack’s New Book Supporting the Program

WANT TO BE A LEADER OR A MANAGER helps support the Growth Accelerators program and is a future
reference for graduates. It’s also a great read even if you don’t take the course.

To Schedule a Consultation or Learn More about Growth Accelerators, Contact Jack at (714) 658-1866 |